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HL and CS 1.6 Dark-Master Edition VX

HL & CS 1.6 Dark-Master Edition VX
Half-Life & Counter-Strike Online

This VX Series was made for ones those are being selfish from not to buy a game license from the publisher and for ones who are having a problem with Steam. If there still is any consciousness in your heart, please buy legit softwares at least a game you love.Non-Steam Contents Inside are not a legal software. Use them at Your Own Risk. XGN or Mr.Putthabut Nuyung has nothing to do and has NO responsibility for any illegal actions that caused by these softwares. Because Thailand has more than 60million citizens and there IS NO Counter-Strike Packages for sale anymore!! even Half-Life is available only 100 boxes or below for sure. And Thailand Internet Connection to Steam server is fucked up. That's why non-steam contents are available @ XtremeGaminG Network. And if you are gonna give any shits for this. Let's give helps for Thai community, not to ruin, smartass.----------------------------------------------------This is the VX Prototype Version. It's a quick made released, any update will be automatically done by the VX Series Updater.File used in VX Prototype Version1. Official Bot2. revEmu3. Thor Patcher4. Visual Studio 2008 that helped me out for an easier coding.What you will get1. Counter-Strike 1.6 VX with Extreme Bot.(To train yourself)2. Half-Life VX with an ability to run 3rd party modfifications or custom games.(Please use Steam and buy the games if you love them.)It's required that you have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Windows Installer 3.1 installed.Any comments or suggestions? Just post it here.


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