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GTA San Andreas Camera Hack v1.1

Download GTA: San Andreas Camera Hack - v1.1

This Application was created mainly for the PC Version of Rockstars© title GTA: San Andreas. If this Application manipulates your game or computer in a harmful way, I claim no responsibility. I am not associated with Rockstarin any way and I am distributing this Application free of charge, use at your own risk.====================================================Installation====================================================Unzip all contents to any folder you wish.If the program fails to run then you might need the Visual Basic 6 runtimesavailable from Microsoft.====================================================Notes====================================================* This may only work with v1.0 of GTA_SA.EXE and also may only work on certain regional EXE's* You may need to Redefine your keys in San Andreas to accomodate for thedefaults of camhack* To restore all defaults, close camhack, then delete 'config.ini' and'*.cam' files, restart camhack* Default HotKeys are;Numpad * = EnableNumpad / = DisableNumpad 8 = Move UpNumpad 2 = Move DownNumpad 4 = Move LeftNumpad 6 = Move RightNumpad + = Move ForwardNumpad - = Move BackwardNumpad 1 = Toggle Free Look ModeNumpad 3 = Toggle GuagesNumpad 0 = Toggle Mouse ModifierNumpad . = Switch ModesNumpad 5 = Reset PositionMouse Y = PitchMouse X = YawMouse Z = Roll (Mouse-Wheel)Left Bracket '[' = Increase FOVRight Bracket ']' = Decrease FOVSemicolon ; = Increase Aspect RatioApostrophe ' = Decrease Aspect RatioP = Default FOV and Aspect RatioX = Save Current ViewEnd = Toggle PLayer Visibility* There are 3 Camera Modes you can choose from;0. Locked - Uses current vehicle as source1. Locked (ped) - Uses player as source2. Original Modified - Adjustable version of the original camera* To get to the new in car views you must be at a view number higher than 5* In this version only the in car views are editable! You can only use Free-Look while on foot====================================================Usage====================================================1) Run Trainer/Hack2) Edit options if needed (defaults suggested)3) Start GTA:SA then press * (numpad multiply; default) to enable new cameras4) You can safely Alt-Tab from GTA:SA and change settingsat any time 5) You can press / (numpad divide; default) to disable new cameras and return to defaults====================================================Version History====================================================- Whats new in v1.1 on 7/17/05?*Fixed some crash issues*Added option to disable/enable near clipping (caused crash before)*Made some changes to RPM*Fixed Fly Sensitivity not saving- Whats new in v1.0 on 7/16/05?* First Release====================================================Known Bugs====================================================* No 'Black Border' on city zone text* RPM is not perfect representation====================================================Test Specs====================================================Windows XP SP2 w/ DirectX 9.0c====================================================Contact - Special
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Date : 13-Sep-2010
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