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Game Tips for GTA: Vice City
Places to Stay: Vice City has a variety of hotels, some more welcoming than others. Top of our recommended list is the Ocean View Hotel which is comfortable but discreet. A good place to stay when you first arrive in town.
Money: Carry a lot of it, always cash, it looks good. Besides that, you'll need it as there is plenty to spend your money on in Vice City. You can never have too many clothes, cars, mansions, or places to hide out.
Personal Safety: Always carry a weapon (left mouse button to fire). Remember, you can only pack one weapon, you can only pack one weapon of each type at a time (one melee weapon, one handgun, etc). Roll the mouse wheel to replace your current selection with the new one, extra ammo will transfer right over.
Rafael's: Sharp suits, smooth threads, prepare yourself for a night out in Vice City, you need to look good. As an added bonus, donning a new outfit will clear two stars.
Stamina: Want to go for a stroll along the beach? Or don't want to crush your suit getting into a low sportscar? Press and hold Shift to run faster - but watch the sweat on that suit. Fitness is a fad, and though you may not be into a full-on workout tape with legwarmers, a bit of training not only keeps you slim but also builds your stamina.
Pay'n'Spray: Need repairs, need to lose a bit of unwanted attention? Visit a Pay'n'Spray near you now! Be careful of any indiscretions right after exiting, you'll jump right back up to your old wanted level.
Ammu-Nation: Still the best place in town to get what you need to exercise your constitutional right to carry a lethal weapon. Different Ammu-Nations sell different guns, and they unlock as you do missions, so make sure you follow the storyline.
Phil's Place: If you're looking for more heavy-duty weaponry (and don't need retail customer service), visit Phil Cassidy's warehouse north of Little Haiti. Complete his missions to gain access to some serious firepower.
Cars: See a car you'll look cool in? Even better if the color matches your outfit, press Return or F and put your foot down (W or Up Arrow). As a web-only tip, in a stopped sports car, press brake (S or Down Arrow) and gas (W or Up Arrow) at the same time to burn your tires.
Motorcycles: Need to feel the wind in your hair? You may want to learn a few tricks to impress whoever may be watching:
9 & 6 on the Number Pad: Use them to control Tommy's weight on the bike.
Helicopters: Make an entrance. Arrive in style. In case you've never flown one before and need a crash course, its worth remembering the basics:
W or Up Arrow: Ascend S or Down Arrow: Descend 4 & 5 on the Number Pad: Rotation
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