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IV:MP 0.1 Alpha 2 released
Sebihunter on 2010-04-09 20:34:51 7 comments Hello everybody.

IV:MP 0.1 Alpha 2 has been finally released.
Many improvements and bugfixes have been done. Please note that this version still does not have weapon and animation sync.

Download + Changelog
IV:MP 0.1 Alpha 1 released
Sebihunter on 2010-04-05 23:13:04 38 comments Yes you heard right!
IV:MP 0.1 Alpha 1 is finally released.

Click on the "Download" Button to get it right now.
For more Information visit our Forums or the Wiki.

Be warned: This is a Work In Progress version wich does not represent our final release of 0.1 - It's mainly for testing your Scripts and may not be used for public servers.

Theres a updated Client with some bugs fixed (like passenger support)
You can get the update here: IV:MP 0.1 Alpha 1 - Updated

Edit 2:
IV:MP Alpha 0.1 R2 released. Please note that you can't connect to R1 servers with that!

Edit 3:
IV:MP Alpha 0.1 R5 released. Please note that you can't connect to servers wich use an older version than R5 with that!
R5 now features a fully working serverbrowser and some bug fixes.
Development Updates
Sebihunter on 2010-03-15 20:38:50 4 comments Just as a reminder: There are regular Updates on our forums. This page is only used for main updates such as releases or big previews.,4.0.html
Check it out!
IV:MP Percentage Completion
admin on 2010-02-04 20:08:57 95 comments If anyone was wondering, after we have gone past 70% for our releases, we will stop updating the percentage. It's nice to have a bit of suspense, isn't it? :)
admin on 2010-02-28 13:51:07 40 comments Welcome to IV:MP. This is our new homepage. Enjoy!

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