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Advanced System Care (Download Free)

Advanced SystemCare Free 4 wants all that when it comes to keeping your system clean. It gives you a variety of tools, driving many utilities IOBit older system known – or at least useful engines “- in a convenient package.
Option Care Program includes the ability to quickly clean your registry, perform a rudimentary malware analysis, repair and remove broken shortcuts, deleting unnecessary files and tracks browsing. It is no coincidence that the process even faster, with less of a need for user input, you can run on system startup.
The deep treatment option adds some features to help quickly. These include the best registry cleaner, disk defragmentation, a “fix the vulnerability of Windows” and a “passive defense” which is not easy to define what they do, and an option to optimize the system with optimization presets for many. Advanced SystemCare Free has a fantastic range of features, but the options are timely care more transparent about how they affect your computer. Luckily log all program activities. We would just to see how a program like this will change our computer before the effect of these changes.
Scan varies depending on the options you choose, but we found a deep scan with all options carefully selected to be extremely fast. He finished in 10 minutes, which is not a time for a program of invasive system of this kind. Much of the show is due to the new scanning engine, which can set up 10 problems at once. The previous version could only manage eight.
There are some new skins in version 4, with a new bar for performance monitoring, so you can easily observe and measure the progress of the program. Utilities section was replaced by IOBit Toolbox integration, which is a kind of confusion. Some of the options to the download page IOBit program such as Disk Defragmenter options. Other choices just open the configuration of a power user.
Part of the program, we encourage new users to avoid or at least used with caution: the Turbo Boost. Turbo Boost on the services of the base system in an attempt to enhance the performance of your computer faster. Some of these are Windows Update and shortcuts, and we hope that this part of the program was more clearly how it may affect your computer.
To his credit, but Advanced SystemCare Free provides a tool for creating rescue point, so it’s not difficult to undo changes if you have the foresight to save a point. A small problem is that some of the options open in a new window of the program, while others open in the same window. Those in the same window have handed back navigation buttons at the top left, and that new windows are sometimes stacked directly on top of the previous window and make it difficult to see how to return to the previous screen.
Overall, we want Advanced SystemCare Free tools, performance and convenience, but still want the program was more explicit about how it changes your computer.

Download Free
Price : Free Download
Date : 22-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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