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The integration of the Paltalk video, audio and text chatting unified into one window makes it a real chat program that includes a large variety of features.
Parental Controls by using a password to change settings or block groups, adult content is hidden by default and all rooms are moderated. Add in the room notes G, R and A, and the cat is a breeze. Right click on the name of a person provides a user-defined amount of personal information, with private room invite and file sending options. Sessions can be printed and saved, and buddy lists from other chat accounts can be imported automatically. Recent updates include places from online vids, music feeds from Rhapsody and multiplayer games in case you get bored talking.
However, the abundance of pop-ups, which strike even while you’re in the middle of joining a room, to motivate users to pay for a subscription or look elsewhere. Free accounts can only access webcams for a few seconds, while users can open multiple video windows paid. The app crashed for us when we entered and the system slowdowns were disappointing. Removing Paltalk left an icon on the desktop.
Yet the thousands of rooms for politics, karaoke, technical advice, and porn mean that anybody can find a connection to Paltalk.

Download Free
Price : Free Download
Date : 22-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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