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Delta Force 2

This Delta Force 2 demo multiplayer NovaWorld now, with three single-player missions that many new features in the game to score. Parachute, then infiltrate and eliminate the enemy security forces. Try the code book to recover and destroy the communications center. Good luck, soldier.
As in the original version, in Delta Force 2 You’re a member of the elite anti-terrorist detachment of U. S. Delta Force. This is an action game in first person based on real-world conflicts. You use real-world weapons and tactics of terrorist bases, rescue hostages, capture and destroy enemy structures and weapons. Delta Force 2 improves the original in almost every area. It sports enhanced graphics for smoother-looking terrain and weather effects convincing. It adds new weapons, a more cohesive, story-based campaign, Ballistics and more realistic. It also has an enhanced multiplayer support and better control.

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Date : 23-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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