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Rapid start (System Utility Free Download)

Rapid start the practice is a system utility that helps you analyze and optimize your Windows startup. In advising the startup items delete, or postpone, the program can help you start up times significantly shorter.
Rapid Start main window consists of three parts: Recommendations, Apply Changes, and the story started.
The first component, recommendations, let everything be removed and inalienable that runs at startup, ranked from top to bottom, based on their impact on your startup time. Tapping an item will give you a brief description and a recommended action. For some items, there is also a small image shows how users of other rapid start tend to deal with the item, which is a useful data point when considering unknown startup items.
For each item, you can choose to delete or delay startup. If you prefer not to go through all the startup items (some computers can be more than 100), the easy route and you can select all the recommendations of the rapid start. We found this the most convenient option, but always safe because every action is easily reversible.
The second part of the dashboard, you can explore and implement any changes. Here you can browse through all items on the deck to remove or delay. Everyone has a little cancel button next to it, if you second guess your actions. Once you have completed your selections, press Apply Changes, and rapid start doing the rest. You can always return to this section for all actions you have taken in the past to cancel.
Finally, rapid launch includes a range of useful story mode, giving you a record every time you start your new. It gives you the date and time stamp, and number of startup items that run in each case. With this you can easily track your actions affect your system. The graph also shows the recently installed program may have affected your startup time, provides another data point to consider.
In our experience, rapid start made more or less as advertised. First, there is an incredibly simple interface and delay startup items that would otherwise be inaccessible to remove. Second, it actually has sold tee times much shorter (5-12 seconds systematically shorter), although we expect a more dramatic impact. Another area that we felt the program had improved descriptions. Rapid launch could have done a better job of educating us on the startup items, we have more confidence in the recommended actions of the program.
In general, we believe Rapid Start Super simple a tool is especially useful to have. Indeed, it was easy to install, easy to use, and provide recommendations in full. We also enjoyed the historic picture of the startup. As we found ourselves who want more dramatic results, the program has, in fact, shaving seconds off of our start-up time, which can not be a good thing

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Price : Free Download
Date : 22-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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