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Hamster Free Zip Archiver (Download Free)

We were big fans of WinZip utilities for years, and that does not change when Microsoft releases a tool to zip in Windows. They generally have certain characteristics: they are free, for example, and they fit the context menus of Windows. They not only zip and unzip files, but also for other types of archives, and they often have additional features like the ability to split and merge files. We have tried everything, or thought we had met, until we Hamster ZIP Archiver free. It has a beautiful updated look, and can pack and unpack ZIP files, 7zip, gzip, bzip2, TAR, and decompressing and many other species.
We downloaded and ran installer Hamster downloaded and installed the program files. The program interface, the look is colorful and clear large buttons labeled a tool designed to be extremely easy to use for a wide range of people. We agree, such as compression and decompression of files and archives is something that many new users often find intimidating. Hamster starts with clear instructions and icons that tell you how to add files by dragging and dropping or navigation. We have chosen our archive type and level of compression and compress a hurry. The program has resulted in an output directory selection, and a progress bar label followed our work, which ended with a log file. It clicked and selected open a compressed archive to extract. It clicked extract, Hamster and quickly unpacked the archive of our selected destination. The only thing we like about the WinZippers is the ability to right click a zip file and choose our options directly from the context menu. Hamster with, we were able to zip files, they add to the archive, and split the context menus of Windows.

Hamster Free ZIP archive is widely used, offers a nice blend of simplicity and power. It is specifically designed to be user friendly and safe to use, according to the developer, it is tested on more than 1 million hamsters, none of whom was wounded.

Download Free
Price : Free Download
Date : 22-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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