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This freebie reproduced successfully 1980 Konami shoot-em-up game with the same name. Anyone who has ever played the original Contra in the arcade or on a Nintendo version will find this a walk in the past. As in the classic, you control a guerrilla must navigate platforms in different worlds, collecting power-ups and blasting enemy troops. However, unlike the original, this iteration does not have a version for two players. Still, you get a certain amount of customization for the user. For example, you can reconfigure the controls, choose from a number of difficulties, and adjust the volume. The graphics have not improved since 80 years, but in combination with sound, they pay back fit. We wish you adjust the game window, because as it stands, the small interface, it can be difficult to accurately assess your enemies and your own movements. Contra World Challenge II could not bring much new to the table, but fans of the original will probably be happy with the accuracy of this release.

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Price : Free Download
Date : 22-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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