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FreeZ Online TV (Download Free)

While we like the idea of ??free TV (which does not?), It never seems to be quite what we had hoped. FreeZ Online TV is no exception. Channel selection is impressive and the conduct of the user does not exist.
The most confusing things about the program are left on the first screen when the program opens. We mistakenly believed they would be more support for the program to offer, but instead focus on two different sites promising free TV online. Two additional downloads, and were not associated with FreeZ Online TV.
However, once we have explored these two false leads, the program itself was fairly simple to use, but disappointing results. A standard monitor sits next to a file tree with 16 major categories, including News, Entertainment, and weather. In each category are at least half a dozen channel selection, but many are not in English. Just click and start playing. The typical media control to stop, start, pause, etc., visible at the bottom of the screen as the buffer. What you will not find guides for channels, which appear randomly selected from different countries around the world. All you get are the call letters (like WSTV) or largely unrecognizable names NOS Journaal. We also found that many of these channels do not play. There are no user settings, so you can not delete or add your own channels, and the file of help or advice is available without any user.
During installation, a box in advance if the toolbar FreeZ Online TV to add, so be sure to check this option if you do not want something extra. Or, better yet, go all the download and avoid not only the toolbar, but this impressive program.

Download Free
Price : Free Download
Date : 22-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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