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HyperTerminal Private Edition (Download Free)

HyperTerminal Private Edition is a terminal emulation program to communicate via network connections TCP / IP, modems and serial COM ports. Some applications of HyperTerminal Private Edition: Using a TCP / IP for systems to connect to the Internet or your network using Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH), use a modem to dial into the modem-based systems; Talk directly to many different devices with serial COM ports, define key macros, save keystrokes, or adapt to systems that are special keys or command sequences require host Assign passwords, user ID and host commands to a button; terminal window and select colors to take advantage of host systems with which the number or rows and columns, define the program automatically exit after you log off. Use pass-through printing, enabling host systems to print directly to the printer of the user, Zmodem crash recovery, TCP / IP support for accessing telnet sites on the Internet, Auto Repeat busy phone numbers ; conduct multiple simultaneous Telnet sessions; HTPE Set your default Telnet client. Terminal emulators: ANSI, ANSIW, Minitel, Data View, VT100, VT100J, VT52, VT220, VT320 and.

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Price : Free Download
Date : 22-Sep-2011
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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